The Wall


Seeing that we’ve been in our new rental for six months now, I figured it was time to conquer my office: aka make this little room with my desk in it be somewhat aesthetically inspiring instead of just a dumping ground for boxes and things that need to be picked up around the house. I had zero budget, but lots of cool things I’ve printed out, items I’d would rather have displayed on a wall than in a closet, and (of course) some art. So I figured what the heck, let’s slap it all up on a wall in my office. In a somewhat organized yet fun manner.

Let’s just say I’m rather pleased with how it’s turning out, and am enjoying spending more time in my office than ever. 


Basically all I did was this:

• Pick a wall, and hang a few items up: I did a combo of Framed photos and artwork, beach hats, scarves, sunglasses (here’s the tutorial on my sunglasses hanger), my one OG kicks fin (lost the other one Waikiki. I cried), and there’s even a surfboard in the corner (I couldn’t get the wide angle shot to show it off, sorry.)

• Fill in all the spaces in between stuff that was hung up with inspiring pictures, quotes, things you’ve torn up in magazines, doodles, stickers, etc,. Just use masking tape, washi tape, double sided tape or mounting tape. Basically it’s a big ‘ol mood board. 

• I had a little cot that doubles as a guest bed, so pushed it against the wall, threw on some blankets, a roundie, and a few pillows. 

• Boom. Done. 


It’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep on filling in any empty spaces. But, it was sooooo easy, didn’t cost a dime, is rental friendly, and was a good mental break to make a constructive mess for a bit. 

So yeah, I’m a fan of the wall. 

In fact, I might need to go hang up a few more things…


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