If anyone is looking for some

If anyone is looking for some hair ideas, here’s a few highlights of my mop transformation over the past two years. 

Yup, a little less than two years ago I chopped it all off into a blonde layered lob (top left) and have been growing it out, playing with color, and well, just having fun with it in general ever since. So, if my math’s right, I got a cut and color every 4 months. Et voila. Here ya go. 

When it comes to hair, I say it grows, might as well have some fun with it. Which has me thinking that lob in the top left was oh so stinking cute… 

But I’m also loving having some length, a darker bronde color and fringe.

We shall see what the next look will be. 

Curious to hear which ones you like. Pick a style, pick a color, I kind of loved them all.

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