Love Is On the Nails

Apologies for slacking in the nail art department since, um summer it seems. I haven’t been motivated (or able to find the time) to do anything other than simply painting them a solid color.

But, Valentine’s Day served up a cure for all that.

All it takes is the right color combo and easy nail art…et voila. Love is in the air and on the nails.

I promise this is super easy, all you do is paint hearts a bunch of different sizes on each nail, and switch them up between a bright red and bright light pink color and background. Throw in a fun glitter/hologram accent nail. Muwah. I love how it turned out.

So, if you want to give it a shot, which I suggest doing, maybe even while enjoying an adult beverage and watching a rom-com…here you go.

Easy Valentine Nails.

Colors used: Zoya  Love (hologram red),  Yohanna (bright pink) and Alora (red)

Tools, dotting tool (you can also use a ball point pin or end of a bobby pin) and tooth pick. 

Nail art hearts:

• Paint two dots right next to each other so they’re barely touching.

• Grab a toothpick or a small brush and paint a short line down past the side of each dot, angled to meet together to make the letter v/the point of the heart.

(One of my favorite nail artists, Hang Nguyen shows it perfectly here, Note: Her Nail Art Deck is a must too for anyone looking for fun and easy nail art tutorials. She’s pretty much my inspiration for doable quick nail art.)

• Make the heart sizes and placements different on each nail. Do one massive one, one tiny one, a few big ones, or fill it up with tiny ones. Or do them all the same. It’s really a win-win situation.

• Paint one accent nail with a fun red or pink hologram/glitter polish.

• Wait for polish to dry then seal it all with a glossy topcoat. This step makes it also look polished and like it’s a sticker or something.

Donezo. Ditch the fuzzy socks and rock open-toed fuzzy slippers for the next week or so, and try your best to not pick any of the loveliness off.

Or that’s just what I’m doing.

More nail art aqui.


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