Winter Style Snaps

I gave up on trying to take any outfit pictures outside. Reasons: Camera getting rained on or toppling over in the wind when it’s on my tripod, the constant fear of ending up on influencers in the wild, and just being watched by people in general. So I’ve been trying to figure out the whole take a picture of yourself in the mirror dealio.

It’s harder than it looks and I still can’t take a decent one with an iPhone. But..VOILA!

Here are some combos that’ve been on heavy rotation, when it’s not dumping rain. In that case, it’s rainboots and whatever “Water Resistant” coat I can find (My mom got me this one by Vuori for Christmas and it’s SO rad. Definitely recommend it.)

Anywho, lot of fun stuff. Around 80% of this was thrifted (found at goodwill, ebay or the realreal)

Hope it gives you some outfit ideas too.

Suzie Kondie Velour set // Kenzo Paris jacket (found on TheRealReal) // Converse + My Tahitian Pirates Hat 🙂

AVDW Sweater (amazing designer and I found the sweater on ebay) // GOLDIE Long sleeve ribbed tee // Mother Weekender Jeans + Adidas kicks (ThreadUp)

Filson Flannel and Ugg Boots (Goodwill) // GOLDIE pointelle long sleeve // Mother jeans

P448 High tops (they kinda have a hiking boot vibe too, and are on sale) //Isabel Marant pants ( TheRealReal) // Vince Turtleneck (Nordstrom Rack clearance score) // Vintage Levi jacket (eBay).

Xirena Sweater // Sorel Out N’ About Sneaker boots // Socks from Costco // Old rip curl hat + Super soft FRAME jeggings ( yes I still wear jeggings, and love them.)

Fun times.

Might be time to get a larger or full-length mirror.


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