Goldfish Kiss Thrifts

I’m always searching for fun, unique, and well-made pieces with a touch of tropical, retro, or radness to them. So, I figured why not put these finds up in the shop? It gives me an excuse to grab the stuff as I find it, rather than tell myself I don’t need it. So…say hi to Goldfish Kiss Thrifts.

I’m starting small and just launching the darn thing before I keep telling myself it needs more, more, moooooore. Figured I’ll keep on adding pieces as I find them. Plus, it’s much easier to keep it fresh and fun for you all that way, too. So be sure to keep on checking in for more surprises.

There are some items I’ve scored that people always ask about, and if I find similar ones I’m adding them to the thrift shop, too (Example: the Chloe sunnies) I hope you enjoy it. It’ll be cool to see how the collection evolves, or if it even works out. But, it’s a fun addition to the shop that supports my love for scoring some rad, previously worn (but you can hardly tell) affordable gems.

…And of course painting some of them, too. (Some shoes and a jean jacket are in the works)


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