First Painting Of The Year

Well, I just finished, or I guess I should say, stepped away from, my first painting of the year. It’s a big one. It’s filled up with nothing but shells ( threw in some leis, too)…and there isn’t a single flower on it. It feels weird to say this, but I’m definitely digging it and it’s so much more rad in person. (Photographing watercolors is a pain in the arse at times)

Yup. I’m pumped to share it with you all.

I had this painting stored up and sketched out in my mind for at least four months, then took about two weeks to finally paint it. Once I got started, it was like putting together a puzzle, and I’d sneak away to add a shell or two any chance I got.

Anywho, hope you like this switch up. I’m off to my printer to get it scanned so it’ll be in the shop soon (ish).

A list of materials is below, in case anyone’s curious,

Yay, art. And for trying new things in this massive beautiful mess of it all.

…I still need a title for this one. No shell puns allowed.


Paper: Arches  30″ x 22″ Hot press paper

Paints: Sennelier palette, A bunch of Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus fine art watercolors, Daniel Smith watercolor sticks, LUKAS watercolor (love their turquoise)

Brushes: Silver Brush Ltd

Pens: (Trying to use them less and just use my brush) but Faber Castell Pitt Artist SB pens are sweet.

White: Dr Ph. Martins bleedproof white (I like to mix this with watercolors for bright pastel looks, too.)

Shop where I get it all =  Jerry’s Artarama

Boom. // @goldfish_kiss_art #goldfishkissart

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