Skincare tips – the winter edition

I’m learning my skin is a moody, needy, sensitive unpredictable being this time of year. Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s hormones, but more than likely it’s the lack of vitamin D and sunlight. Whatever it is, it’s a pain. Thank goodness it’s manageable. So, I figured I’d share some tips that help me with my crazy wintertime skin.

First off, skin type, I have sensitive dry skin. I used to think I had oily/combination skin, which accounted for a lot of my problems because I was always drying out and scrubbing areas that were just screaming for some TLC and moisture. But oh no. It’s dry and likes to be soothed.

Ok, tips.

1: Simplify, simplify, and simplify. – It’s a great time to cut back on a step or two from the skincare routine. I also think the beauty industry is such a money-hungry machine it’s making us think we need an 8 step routine when cleansing, toning, and a ton of moisturizing will do. I could get by with simply three products right now: Loli Beauty Date Nut Brûlée, Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray, and May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon.

2: Switch to a cleansing balm or oil. I am a die-hard DHC deep cleansing oil fan, year-round, but recently started using my Lolli Date Nut Brulee as a cleansing balm (which they say it is as well – how it does both astonishes me) and it’s calmed some redness and dryness issues for sure. Plus, it’s so darn soothing to slather on your face and then take off with a warm steamy washcloth.

3: Exfoliate sparingly, and when you do, do it gently. I think this is why I like using the aforementioned warm washcloth, balm method. But seriously, now is not a good time for scrubs and chemical exfoliants (I just had a mishap with glycolic acid, whoops.). If you really feel like a snake or a croissant, go the dermaplaning or Gommage route (been a fan of Yon-ka’s since Middle school). Gommage is also super satisfying and reminds me of playing with rubber cement in art class.

4: Grab a bottle or three of Avene Thermal Spring Water, and reapply multiple times during the day. I also recommend reapplying your face moisturizer of choice in the afternoon, too.

5: Pick up some sort of ice roller for your face. Mainly because it soothes angry, puffy skin, and apparently you can make ice cubes out of homemade rice water, which shall be my next endeavor (Here is my ice roller muse with her recipe). I got this one and want to hug it I love it so much.

6: Get Vitamin D whenever you can. It’s ridiculous how much not only your skin, but overall health depends on this. There’s a reason a ton of skin concerns and dermatitis flare-ups all happen when the sun doesn’t shine. And why I rarely have to wear makeup and my skin feels amazing when I’m on vacation, or in the summer and spring. But anyway, I find myself standing and soaking up the sun whenever it decides to show up, and it helps. So does a Vitamin D supplement.

and finally…

7: Because I feel like Voldemort at times, ‘Tis the season for a good at-home self-tanner. I’ve tried quite a few, and nothing seems to beat St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. Definitely get the mitt dealio, too.

There you go, hope a few of these help.

And of course, the main thing to remember is to get outside, soak up fresh air, enjoy life, and embrace what each season brings. Even if the pain in the arse skin days are a part of it sometimes.


*Pic above =  C&C California headband // Wholey by Rain Lipstick //GOLDIE top…and I’m just having fun with my new camera and didn’t want to make a collage for this post. 

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