Organizing the jewelry. Sort of.


A common question I am asked is if I have any tips for organizing jewelry. Fact: I am not an organized person, and I kind of find the beauty in chaos. But hey, I can appreciate the attempt.

So, here are my tips, and how I organize my jewelry.

The main thing, which isn’t photographed because they’re hanging in my closet in a room with zero natural lighting at the end of the rod after a blazer and a flannel – are these hanging jewelry organizers. They’re a blessing and do keep things sorted and organized.  Little pockets on one side, and loops on the other to hang necklaces. Boom. Easy. I think they’re under $30, and can’t recommend them enough.

However, I am a huge believer in rocking lots of jewelry every day, making it accessible and not saving the rad stuff only for special occasions. Jeans and a tee call for opals too.

Plus, Jewelry is fun to look at, too. So I keep a lot of it out, and “loosely organized” as you see in these epics.

This is where my little tips shall step in.

1: Have a cool carry-all tray – I have this beauteous bamboo shell one that came in a beachly box – it’s the Bombshell Catch-all tray, and has my items in heavy rotation at the moment on it.

2: For bracelets – use a wine bottle: literally just stack ’em all around the top of the bottle. (Also gives you an excuse to grab some vino with a cool label – aka how I shop for wine.) Long Lost Jewelry sent me this wrapped bottle and It’s been my stretchy holder for a decade.

3: Store cuffs in a box – I repurposed a wooden gift box as my cuff/bangle box.  Looking at this pic I realize how much I need to pick up some silver polish.

4: Rings and small earrings go on a ring holder – My mom gave me this vintage Waterford one and If you stumble on anything similar, pick up a few.

That’s it. Not rocket science, but it still comes in handy. And makes me smile when I look at it.

Ok, I also got a new camera and am having a blast using it. I was taking off my jewelry after a party (my one big social event each year) and thought I should do a flat lay of all of this beautiful (somewhat) organized chaos.

So here you go.

Thank you incredibly talented jewelry designers pictured – your creations are a blast to photograph and I hope my organization of it all doesn’t make you cringe.

***If anyone wants a link to a specific piece, please leave me a comment and I’ll get it t0 you. 



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