Finding Beauty in Winter Solstice

The shortest day of the year is here, and as much as it’s a relief to know things will only increase in the daylight department from now on, I don’t know. I’m kind of enjoying the unique beauty and opportunities this time of year serves up.

Yes, my heart will always crave sunshine and beach life, but it’s learned to love the moodiness of a foggy day, the extreme golden-ness of winter golden hour (even if it starts at 2:45 pm), and the sunsets. I guess there’s a reason why they’re so vivid this time of year. Clearer, crisper air and more clouds, I think.

So as easy as it is to want to press fias forward and get ready to soak up sunnier and warmer days, I say make the most out of what Winter Solstice and the weeks ahead tend to serve up.

Ready, set, bullet points:

  • Being able to easily catch a sunrise and sunset on the same day.
  • Nighttime dog walks to look at stars or Christmas lights…or just a walk to soak up the peace of it all.
  • Moody foggy days by the water
  • Uncrowded (but still super scenic) hiking trails
  • Excuses to buy a rad warm coat or another cozy throw.
  • Candles burning and a home that always smells cozy
  • Sauna, sauna, and more time in the sauna to boost the mood and break a sweat.
  • Having low expectations and enjoying a slower, cozier pace
  • Snow. So much fun stuff to do in the snow. Bundle up and go play.
  • Turning on some good tunes and making a cup of coffee or tea and curling up with a book, even if you end up falling asleep after one page ( I’ll do this after I finish this post)
  • Getting outside – rain, shine, clouds, snow, wind, or clear skies to soak up the medicine of nature and realize there is beauty in all kinds of days.
  • Bonfires and good music.
  • Hot showers with tropical scents
  • Drives away from the city to stargaze or chase Auroras
  • Rainy days that turn into night, but that rain gets your brain going…or makes you sleep like a champ.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Cheers to finding the light even in the season where it shows up the least.

Happy Winter Solstice, my friends.

Pics above: Window seat at sunset flying over The North Cascades, Soaking up some juicy foggy day lighting by the lake, and the view of the crowd hiking up Little Si. 

*Found the plaid hat above at the drugstore down the street ( $9 impulse buy) and the coat is a Kenzo Paris gem I found at TheRealReal.

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