Inaugural Paddle

Fun story: My husband and I went to the beach yesterday fully anticipating to surf. Well, we walked out to an unsurfable ocean that resembled a lumpy lake, which (lucky for us all) turned out to be ideal conditions for getting Levi on a board for the first time. 

He has pretty much been cruising around on our boards when they’re on the beach any chance he gets. So when we plopped him on the board and pushed him on a mini wave, his eyes doubled in size and he got this little dude smirk on his face that pretty much said, “Oh yeah buddy.” Which then turned into permagrin.

We also got to paddle around together, catch some baby waves on our stomach, and my camera conveniently ran out of memory. But I still snapped a few gems, and a plethora of mental pics, which are the best kind of pics anyways. 

So this happened. We got the inaugural paddle under our belt. 

And yes. It was the highlight of my day, and week. 

My husband’s too.

Levi tends to get excited about everything, but I’m pretty sure he knew something special was up too.  

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