It’s been way too long since

It’s been way too long since I’ve zoned out and made a mood board. Or two.

Man oh man I forgot how inspiring/therapeutic/mind-igniting these things can be.

If you need to get your mind firing, just grab some scissors and some paper. Then, flip through magazines, newspaper, catalogs, whatever, and have a good old fashioned cut and paste session using whatever
you find and identify with. Or, you can do the digital version, like I did, and cut and paste away in photoshop. 

Anyway, feels good to put all your inspirations down in one place.

Mood boards put me in a good mood.

Cheers to that. 

None of the photos in the mood boards are mine (I found them all over on my pinterest) Kudos and a high five to each and every person who created each image. My mind relates with you and thanks you too. 

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