The Overnight Air Dry Wave


Somehow after having a kid, the back 2/3 of my hair are now wavy, and whenever I wake up I tend to resemble Duff from Guns N Roses. However, lately I’ve been sleeping with my hair in a loose french braid, which, when combined with the right hair products, has me looking like I put way more effort to doing my hair each day. When I don’t.

I’d like to say I’m slowly mastering the art of the overnight air dry wave. So, here’s my breakdown of how to do it.

First note: my hair type: fine, color treated, usually dirty, 2/3 kinda wavy, and 1/3 straight (around the face)…and in dire need of a bang trim. 

Second note: Here are the products I used. These are crucial:


1: Aveda Smooth Infusion nourishing styling creme (I put this in before I braid my hair) 

2: Surfer Salve by Island Soap & Candleworks (This is the finishing touch product. We also always have had a jar of this in the house for the past decade or so.)

3: Playa Pure Dry Shampoo and Endless Summer Spray. (New beachy hair line based out of Venice that I’m a BIG fan of. My hair is too.) 

Ok, now on to the directions…


1: Apply a leave in conditioner/styling creme to slightly damp hair, along with a few sprays of surf/beach spray. Brush your hair, then put hair in a loose french braid. 

2: Braid as far down to the ends of your hair that you can go, and secure with one of those little skinny clear rubber bands, 

3: Go to sleep.

4: When you wake up, take out your braid, then go to town with a few crucial products….

5: Spray some dry shampoo on the roots…

6: Then spray hair with a few spritzes of surf/beach spray. Just do five or so, this way your hair doesn’t get crunchy and you don’t lose too much of the braid wave.

7: Finishing (yet crucial) touch that makes your hair look less like a braid and more like beach waves: Rub a little coconut oil, or some sort of skin salve (I used my surfer salve) on your hands then lightly comb your fingers through your hair and scrunch the ends a bit.

8. Done. 

Sayonara to my Duff hair. Hola to some easy, good for my hair and time management, waves.

…that I don’t feel to bad about if I end up pulling it into a top knot after a few hours. Which I tend to do everyday. 


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