Beach Beauty: DIY at home Sugar Scrub. Get Glowing.

I should share a few blessings I have with my skin…acne, smile lines and a sprinkling of sun spots. I’ve forked out $100 for La Mer creme, and tried waaaaaay to many infomercial products to alleviate these AWESOME conditions, but one trick actually has conquered this trifecta of dermal dilemmas: A simple sugar scrub. It is a one ingredient recipe that takes a couple minutes to do, and gradually erases years of bathroom surgery, tanning booths, and even squinting because you are too lazy to wear your contacts (ok, that’s probably just me).The result? Money saved with the cheap DIY treatment, and skin that remotely resembles that of Miranda Kerr.

Easy sugar scrub:

1. Apply a dime-size amount of plain white sugar to your damp face. (Steer clear of your eye area)

2. Gently rub in tiny circular motions until the sugar dissolves and turns into a sticky serum. (Can take up to three minutes) 

3. Rinse off with warm water.

4. Apply moisturizer of choice. ( J’adore Miracle Skin Transformer)

5. Put on sunscreen because your skin will be a’ glowin.

*Note* Glycolic acid, a natural exfoliant, comes from sugar so this is why it is so great – you get a chemical exfoliation from the glycolic acid and physical exfoliation from the sugar granules.

*Only use 2-3 times a week.

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