Bikini Facelift: DIY Ruched Bikini Bottom


One of the easiest ways to take a simple bikini bottom and suddenly transform it from a borderline diaper to a flattering head turner is with a l’il touch o’ ruching. A little bit of scrunch between the cheeks, I don’t know why, but it highlights while hiding flaws and just enhances zee curves.

I successfully scrunchified a few bikini bottoms of my own. All you need is: scissors, a sturdy needle, strong thread (the stronger the better, I actually used dental floss…insert butt floss reference here_____ it’s ok), and some bikini bottoms. The results? Great success.

How to make a ruched bikini bottom:

The How-To video is here, or follow instructions below.

1. Grab some strong thread (fishing line, dental floss, embroidery floss), a sturdy sewing needle, scissors and some bikini bottoms.

2. Turn the bottoms inside out, and lightly mark a straight line down the middle of the back side.

3. Thread your needle with a pretty long piece of thread (this helps with tying the knots at the end), and tie a bunch of knots at the end – this will serve as the anchor for the ruching.

4. Starting from the top of the inside of the bottoms, poke the needle through and pull the thread until is stops on teh knot.

5. Now as closely as you can (about 1 cm apart) sew a simple in and out stitch down the middle of the bikini bottoms (the further down you go, the more dramatic the effect, I usually do about 10-15 stitches)

6. pull the string taught, which will cause the fabric to scrunch together.

7. Securely tie or sew a bunch of knots to tie off and secure the ruching.

8. Cut off any extra thread, turn bottoms back to normal.

9. Go tan your buns.

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