Belle of The Brazos. Yeehaw.


One of the most under emphasized beach staples = the beach cowboy hat. Well, this essential has just been taken up a notch in the coolness factor. Meet Belle of The Brazos, a line of hand-stitched and customized made to order, beach cowboy hats. The designer, Casey, lives in Texas, so, in my opinion, that means these hats are 100% legit. 

I love mine so much, I am sitting wearing it at my computer right now as I type this. But thought you’d enjoy some pics at the beach instead. In a cute little outfit.

Giddyup. Dude.

Hat: Belle of the Brazos // Top: Roxy  // Bikini : Indie Swim (more to come about this line soon) // Jewelry:  Jemma Sands bracelets & Frasier Sterling 

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