Bikini Facelift: Scalloped bottoms.


Scallops. They are great seared and slathered in butter, and even better when it’s the word to describe the trim on any article of clothing. Especially Bikinis. I’ve seen a few rather delectable scallops pop up in bikinis by Roxy, Marysia, Beach riot/Stone Cold Fox, and I am definitely on the band wagon.

But before I fork over some dough, I figured let’s mimic this style on a pair of bottoms I love, but were too darn big. Here’s how it all went down.


A fine ink pen, sharp & accurate scissors, a quarter, an old pair of bikini bottoms (that happens to have a lot of coverage…and if they happen to be a little bit tight, even better) and about 30 minutes.

The how to:

1. Usng your quarter as your guide. Line up the edge of your quarter with the edge of your bikini.

2. Trace up the sides of the quarter unit you are just about half way up.

3. Repeat, lining up the quarter with the top of the line you just made.

4. This probably sounds confusing, but it isn’t, look at the pic above. Or google “DIY Scallop”, and a bazillion DIYs doing the same thing on jeans will pop up.

5. Repeat along all the edges of the bikini you want scalloped. I started just doing the leg opening and it was cute too. Then said heck, let’s do it all.

6. Cut along the lines you just drew. If it’s not a perfect curve, it still turns out cute.

7. Done. If you feel up to it, you can go along the edge with clear nail polish or fabric glue to finish.

Note: If you scallop all the edges, it makes the bottoms significantly looser since you are cutting at the elastic. So if you have any bottoms that are too tight or give you a muffin top, this works like a charm. If you still want the bottoms to fit snugly, I recommend just doing the leg openings.

..if all else, fails, RoxyMarysia and Beach Riot nailed it. But, this is a good free option 🙂

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