Beach Hair 101: Balayage

You want hair that looks like this? I mean, do you want pecked-by-the sun, I’m 8 and spent the summer at the beach, natural looking highlights that you can go 6 months between touch ups and have a mane that slightly resembles that of Lily Aldridge?

Save the foils for covering up lasagna, and say bonjour to Balayage.

It’s the more artistic (yup, it originated in France), free form style of hair coloring in which a colorist freely paints on the lightener, and it’s AHHHHH-some. Just a few ho-hum beauties that are advocates: Gisele, Lily Aldridge, Jenifer Aniston, and Kate Hudson.

So, next time you feel like coloring your hair – and you want to look like you just stepped off a jet after a week in the Maldives, ask the salon if they offer Balayage (or some are calling it Ombre coloring). Try it out and then be prepared to 1: Save a heck of a lot of money (I only have to color my hair 2x a year) and 2: Soak up a ton of compliments.

* If you are in or traveling through AZ, I highly recommend Molly Wolk. She is a genius.

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