RX Bikini Bod: Quick Butt Kick

Yesterday was a wee bit of a hectic work day, and I could not function if I didn’t get away from my computer, get outside, and get some adrenaline pumping. One problem I had only 20 minutes. So I drove down to the beach and did this quick workout, and it totally kicked my butt.

So, naturally, I had to share.

20 minute butt kicking beach workout (Click on the links for how to videos):

*tools: resistance band, or light free weights.

1. Warm up -5 minutes, of jogging, dynamic stretching – whatever, gets your heart pumpin’ a little and loosens you up.

2. Burpies – 1 minute straight

3. Lateral bounds – 1 minute straight

4. Squat to press with resistance bands – 1 minute straight

5. Tuck jumps – 1 minute straight

6. shuttle runs – 1 minute straight ( just pick a spot 10-15 yds away and run back and forth as fast as you can)

7. Rest 1-2 minutes

8. Repeat steps 2-7 two more times (notice there is no break in between each exercise).

9. Jump in the ocean to cool off.

Taaaaa Daaaa

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