Some Beauty Newness


Just felt like showing off the new cut and color, all while rocking some beach waves and some natural makeup. Since all four of those combined tend to give a gal some extra pep in her step.

The hair… isn’t a dramatic change – curtain bangs, a few inches off, and some face-framing layers. Sarah, the gal who does my hair, is like the Monet of blondes, so I just told her to do whatever, which meant – lived in sunkissed blonde with lots of dimension and some baby lights. Swoon. It’s easy, effortless, and it air dries like a champ. Which is a necessity.

Oh yeah, it had been six months since my last cut and color. Moral of the story, a good cut and color lasts. Even if you’re 10% gray and your hair grows super fast (Pretty sure this stuff helped), like moi. 


The waves…I need to do a tutorial video.  Basically, I took one inch sections of my hair and did beach waves with a flat iron (leave the ends uncurled though) Then I sprayed it all over with a little hairspray, let it dry and cool, then lightly brushed it with my wet brush, then put a little surfer salve on my hands and lightly coated the ends. Boom. Video coming soon. Promise.

Now the makeup… Eye Of Horus sent me some of their makeup to try and I kind of fell in love the second I read their about page. It’s a cosmetics line based out of Byron Bay, and I have a hypothesis going that everything that comes out of Byron Bay is imbued with radness. Cool factor aside, their products also happen to check off all of the boxes: they’re wax and oil based (natural ingredients), paraben-free, great for sensitive eyes, smudge & waterproof, vegan friendly, highly pigmented and not tested on animals. 


Then I fell in love just a weeeeee bit more once I actually started using them. In the pics above I’m wearing their mascara (I also wore it in the water earlier today), brows, liquid eyeliner, a little eye shadow, and the Freya Rose lipstick (which is full of good stuff). It’s the quick no-makeup makeup look that I just love. And my eyes love it too. They don’t dry out or get watery and itchy at all. Hallelujah. 

Eye of Horus. Check it out. Or go to Byron and see what’s in the water over there. I’m curious. Thanks gals for the makeup. It’s getting lots of use.

There you go. 

A little beauty newness that’s accounting for numerous good hair days, bright eyes and a little happy dance from time to time too. 

P.S. I have no clue how beauty bloggers take pic of themselves wearing makeup, it’s so awkward, and I have no clue where to look or what to do with my face. But it has to be done. High five to them. 

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