In case anyone is looking for

In case anyone is looking for a tutorial on how to do your hair on vacation…I’m not your gal. 

Or maybe I am.

True story. Towards the end of our trip in Puerto Rico, my husband told me my hair looked awesome. Love it when that happens. Ironically, I hadn’t washed/dried/styled it in days, couldn’t remember the last time I brushed it, had subconsciously been slathering it with coconut oil and sunscreen the whole time, and would get sand in my fingernails after running my fingers through my hair.

So, I figured I should list out the steps. Because nature is one helluva hair dresser at times. 

Yes, I caved and washed/combed/brushed it. But it just feels good to have a greasy, salty sandy mop.

So next time you go on a trip somewhere warm and tropical, remember to give your hair a vacation too. 

However that might be. 


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