Puerto Rico Palmas


If I totally disappeared last week, it was for a good reason. We were in Puerto Rico. Yes, we FINALLY made it to the amazing Island I’ve been talking about going to for a while. 

The water, vibe, waves, air, food, Mojitos, and beer (hey, It was Spring Break) were all amazing. Looking back at all of my pics, I realized there were so many coconut trees, I think I somehow managed to get one in almost every pic. In some shape or form. 

Which if you know me, totally speaks my love language. 

Puerto Rico, I am very frond of you. Can’t wait to come back.

…looking into flights now. 

Pics top to bottom:

• Up close and personal with some of my favorite tropical foliage/source of shade. 

• Hanging out in that aforementioned favorite tropical source of shade…with my little sandy dude and his mini man bun.

• My husband coming in from a surf at Jobos beach. Levi smashing sand castles. Swoon. Yay aaaaaaabdominals. 

• A quick (3 minute) post beach run siesta under a coconut tree. ‘Twas heavenly. (Suit by Ola Feroz. The style is the Senorita – one of my all time favorites of Jess’s creations.) 

• Happy feet and once again, my favorite source of tropical shade. 

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