The Beach House

Other than having surfboards and surf/ocean/water/tropical pics all over the house, our place really doesn’t feel much like a beach house. But then again, it definitely still has that “whoever lives here must love the water and tropical places, and live in boardshorts and bikinis” vibe. Which I think is great. 

But still, our rental (with no windows because apparently whoever built this bungalow in the 50′s hated sunlight or something) has me dreaming of rewinding back a few days, winning the powerball, and building up some acreage on some prime ocean front property. 

With lots of windows. 

Aka the beach house

Here’s a few items being added to the list. Or that I might try to include to make our rental a bit more bearable. 

Pretty much one of the coolest floors I’ve ever seen in an entryway ever. Like, if you have this in your entry way, it’s saying, “Hello. Welcome to my house of awesomeness.”

Le Solieil Art Print – Because having a print with something in french makes a room instantly chic. It’s a fact.

A bunch of fruity and festive floaties – To float around, drink a beer (or two) and doze off on while in some type of calm water. And let’s be honest, to take a bazillion pics with too. 

Some sort of boho chic, bright, and right-brain-stimulating room. Aka a perfect setup for my home office/studio. 

A big world map that you can scratch off places you’ve been. Because this is just so much cooler than buying scratch off tickets. And I think you win the jackpot of an epic life if you scratch off all the places you’ve wanted to go. 

Pretty sure I’d read a lot more, or nap more if this type of window seat/bed was part of the equation too. Victoria Smith, you’re brilliant.

Then speaking of brilliance. There’s these DIY Sea shell candles that the OG blog/DIY queen herself, Martha Stewart, did. (That I will be doing, and maybe putting my own twist on soon.)

That’s it for now. If I go to bed dreaming of window seats, bright white, perfectly lit rooms with floating doughnuts in the sky, you know why.

None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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