The Beach House


It was one of those days. I got back home from a long weekend at the beach, and am counting down the days until I go back to Oahu next week. So naturally, I have one thing at the front of my mind…The Beach House. 

So, the following has me contemplating canceling my ebay account, so I’ll stop buying used designer shoes, which allows me to save more moolah in hopes to one day have keys of our own that open up some ocean front doors to the following…

The large hanging outdoor furniture obsession continues with this amazing chair that was designed for the Dedon Island Resort in the Philippines. I like to think it was designed to make me sleep better. Because I have sweet dreams of lounging in it one day. In my backyard.

A kitchen that’s simple, with colorful tiles, cool floors, and no ugly 1970′s yellow tile or cheap counters in sight. I’d be the next Bobby Flay I’d love to cook in here so much. Or I’d at least buy his cookbook. Promise.

Gotta love a bright, vibrant get the creative side of the brain spinning wall for my home office. Since I plan to work from home as long as I can plan to work anywhere. Those teal chairs would be an added perk too. I feel motivated to create just looking at this space.

Candles topped with coral (don’t worry it’s fake). Yes you gorgeous waxed vessels may set the mood and make my place smell like cucumber & seagrass at the same time. Eat your heart out Voluspa. Actually, I love those too. Yeah candles.

A bedroom with lots and lots of big juicy windows, that’s accompanied by dark wood floors and ceilings, is really my dream bedroom. Preferably with a view of the ocean. But partial will suffice. Natural light can be my alarm clock, and the sounds of waves can be my snooze button anyday. Swoon.

Then finally, since I have to start thinking about a nursery in this casa de Steen. I think this print would be a great little start to the wall art in the l’il coconut’s room. 

Fun times.

And on that note, I’m off to bed. I’ll be dreaming that I’ll wake up in some combination of all of these inspirations one day. 

*None of these photos are mine. I wish they were because that would mean they were of my house. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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