The Beach House


So here’s a fun little fact. We’re actually thinking about maybe thinking about buying a home. Yup. We even looked at a place a few days ago, and I immediately wished I had a fraction of a fraction of Joanna Gaines’ abilities. Because the place was a total fixer upper. Anywho, the whole house hunting thing got my mind racing,…and of course dreaming of The Beach House.

Will we find a place within our budget actually on the beach? Probably not, but just across the causeway and a few miles in…it’s doable.

Still dreaming of walking out one day and listening to the waves while having my morning cup of coffee…

But for now a sound machine and some dreaming will do.

Here’s what I’m loving, and putting in my mental notebook for our future interior designer (that is something just as equally imagined.)

Mustardy cozy comfy lush patio setup. Who knows how it would hold up in the rain, but I love the idea. Maybe some of these rad weatherproof chairs would be better.

Kawaiian Lion. Everything and anything. Please.

Orchids and antlers. Who knew? I think it’s a gorgeous thing to try and DIY, plus it would make a grrrrrrrrreat jewelry organizer. 

A gorgeous sunroom. Surfboards, shaggy carpet, succulents and a superbly placed hammock included. Yup. I’d hang out here a ton.

Is it weird to want a custom neon sign in your kitchen? Well I do. 

Who knows if we’ll even have stairs, but if we even have one step you can bet your bum it’s getting mosaic’d like these beauties.

…and last but not least. here’s one more. 


I’m thinking my office might have to be more of an art studio space, in which this is pretty much the tall ceiling natural light space of my dreams. Maybe I’d even get back into oil painting. Or just swing on the hammock and write. 

It’s a dream house, might as dream big, right?

There you go. Beach house ideas = Fun times. I’m going to go binge watch Fixer Upper now. 

…wish us luck in the house hunting dealio. 

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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