Catherine Weitzman Jewelry


I looooove gold. Especially when it’s made to look like a plumeria leaf (that cuff) a starfish (that ring) or some coral (those hoops.) 

So, if my logistics are correct, which I’m pretty sure they are, I’m a big fan of Catherine Weitzman jewelry too.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written about a jewelry line on here, so let’s get ready to break that streak. 

Catherine Weitzman is a line of jewelry that’s handmade in Hawaii from recycled materials (14k gold and sterling silver), has a love for the tropics, and many pieces are cast from real elements found in nature (Ahem that plumeria cuff, gosh I love that thing.) Well, that just checked off a ton of my boxes from the “things I love about a jewelry line” list. 

Catherine is inspired by nature, her travels, and immersive apprenticeships she’s had with traditional artisans  across the globe. Then, she takes all that inspo, and each piece is literally taken from design to production under one roof in Honolulu. 

She has retailers all over the globe, numerous celeb fans, and be prepared to see these pieces above rocked by yours truly for many years to come. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for some unique, handmade in Hawaii, nature inspired jewels for yourself, your mom, or anyone…here you go. // @catherineweitzman 

**Thank you Catherine Weitzman for the Jewels. 

Otis eyewear sunnies // Ola Feroz Bikini

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