Now this is my kind of

Now this is my kind of shade, on my kind of beach. Punta Cana, I think it’s time I come see you and your beautiful palms in person. In the meantime, it was a rather enjoyable to paint. 

Random facts/tidbits about this painting: Whenever I do a scenic, I lookup what kinds of flowers are native to that area. So that’s usually what’s framing the pic, and it’s a cool thing to learn. Other fact: I flipped the paper upside down to paint the palm tree shadows. Worked like a charm. Final tidbit: My family went on a trip to the Dominican Republic when I was in 7th grade. It was the best family vacation ever. Even though I got in a moped accident. It was also my first time traveling outside of the US, and totally gave me the travel bug. 

There you go.

Yay art…and dreaming of beautiful places across the globe because of it. 

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