Freshened up, brightened up and blonded

Freshened up, brightened up and blonded up for spring. Just couldn’t decide on a pic to document it. 

Here’s what went down at the salon. 

The Cut: Somehow my hair is officially long again ( I seriously think this stuff has helped), and I’ve grew to love the new length. So, it was just a trim and a shape up of the long layers. Then there’s a long curtain bang in there too. Gotta always have some sort of bang in there for my eighthead. 

The Color: My appointment was with Sara Pestella, who is a specialist in blondes. So I literally said, “just do what you think will look good.” And she worked her magic. It was a partial highlight, but all over my head, then she did some amazing toning too. The look = a lived in blonde that’s blended with a bunch o’ dimension. 

Fact: I didn’t get to see my hair until it was all finished and styled. When I opened my eyes I said, WHAT? I’M A BABE! With a big smile on my face. 

Sign of a good hair day. 

So there you go. The hair fun/transformation continues. But I’m definitely sticking with this one for a while. 

*Cut and Color by Sara Pestella of Avante Garde Salon in Destin More hair posts aqui

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