Kauai Journal

Somehow I’ve already been back from Kauai for almost a month now. I also have been meaning to share a few of my favorite pics and a few thoughts…for almost a month now. 

Long story short. I love everything about going there, and hate having to leave. 

It’s like I got off the plane, and the air said welcome home to all of my senses. (Even though I’ve never lived on Kauai, and have just been traveling there for gosh, eighteen years now?) Then, my whole body relaxed….until Levi woke up at 3:30 am with jet lag. Fun times. 

However, the trip was amazing, it always is. Yeah the weather was sub par, but the waves were good (amen). Honestly, it could downpour everyday and I’d be thrilled just to be back. My heart is happy, there’s so many great people that live there, and it’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Rain or shine. 

Ok let’s sum up the trip. A month later:  I drank really good coffee (accompanied by macadamia nut rolls), picked lots of flowers, and got to spend time with my family. Levi spent a TON of time in the water, and I ate a ton of poke. I had a free on call babysitter so I could surf each day. (That’s what moms and sisters are for!) …and I kind of managed to relax as much as one can with a 2 year old in tow, and have zero expectations. (Which is my number one travel tip when traveling with a toddler.) 

I also had a little bit of this odd sadness that kept washing over me from time to time… 

I think it is just the realization of how long it’s been since we lived on Hawaii. It’s seeming longer and longer ago. Which it is. But then, whenever we get back it just feels so right to be back. This might sound odd, but being back makes me miss it even more. 

There. That’s my ImissHawaiiitus even when in Hawaii part of the trip. It happens.

But I loved it. Always have, and always will. 

This little guy sure did too. 

Kauai. The stoke is real. 

See you next year. If not sooner.

Pics Top to Bottom:

The view from the pier when I was on my beach run

My final surf = fun glassy waves with only a few people out. Aka one of life’s great blessings. (I brought my camera out because it was raining when I paddled out and thought there’s be a rainbow so I wanted my camera. No rainbow but happy paddle in pic instead.) 

The sunset during one of my sunset sessions. Yeowza!

One of the few totally sunny days, which meant suns out buns out. With a smooch. 

That famous heavenly acreage drive by shot we’re all coco for. 

Flowers, party pants and happy feet. 

The sunset the night we flew out. Everyone was looking at the sunset and my Dad said, “Hey Bek, look at that cloud.” Thanks Dad. 

Levi “surfing.” We found a perfect board for him. The stoke is real little dude. The stoke is real. 

• Also, I get asked for Kauai recs quite frequently, and you can find my guide here...that I need to update now after this year’s trip. 

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