I  L O V E  B

I  L O V E  B E A C H  B L I N G

Seriously. It helps me feel more like me…whether near, far, at, or even just dreaming of the beach. 

Time for a duplicated content fail. But really who cares. I love these pics, I love these pieces, and am beyond grateful to the ladies who created them and sent them to me. Seriously pinch me.  

So I say why not sing their praises and show off the pics some more. 

Plus, I just think they are really rad pics too. And kind of absolutely love taking pics of Jewelry. 

Top to bottom, left to right (and if you click on the pic it should show you the enlarged/zoomed in version): 

• Kamera Hawaii NO KA ‘OI ear-climber – Helping my earlobes when I have a case of I MissHawaiiitus + Shashi studs.

Kate Davis X Goldfish Kiss SeaFoam Arm Stack. These colors are just dreamy. 

• La Luna Rose (Leaf and Shell rings) and  L’il Coconut Hawaii ( Love Aloha wrap ring) Rings..and hibiscus from my Trader Joe’s Hibiscus. RIP you beautiful thing. I Left it in the truck over night on our drive out to Minnesota… Yes I cried. 

• La Luna Rose Tropical Charm necklaces – Little Tropical Vibe loveliness. And was one of my last “Shoots” out at Half Moon Bay. 

• Handmade Earrings made by Adove Roden that are made of Black Tourmalinated quartz, neon blue Apatite and Kauai Beach shells  – They carry her creations at Shipwrecked Kauai. + Shashi Studs

• Lexi Jewelry Custom roman Neumeral Bracelet…paired with some sandy little chubby piggies. That I swear have doubles in size since I snapped this pic.

And…I just realized this all could count as a Mother’s Day gift guide for a mom who loves the beach. So feel free to spin it that way too if you’d like. 

Bling baby bling. Salty gorgeous inspired by mother nature bling. 

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