In case anyone is looking for

In case anyone is looking for a great read, or career change, try being a Daymaker. 

This is the first page of the book, Life as a Daymaker, by David Wagner. I received it yesterday at JUUT salon (which David branched out and started after being the VP of Aveda), as a “welcome to the salon” gift. And I totally breezed through it this morning. 

It’s funny how the right things are placed in your hands at just the right time. I have been dealing with so much self doubt, and negativity (that I’ve placed on myself)…mainly because of missing the coast, having a toddler (who is awesome but I question if I’m doing a good enough job), living in a new region, work/life balance, ok and the weather in Minneapolis right now is blah….so that just makes me wonder what the heck I’m doing somedays. 

But the preface of the book is how powerful doing a kind act is. How it can make someone’s day in big and small ways, and the impact it has on daily life, at home, at work, to strangers friends, family, your spouse. And the world, really.

So yeah in this current state of transformation and Limbo, I’m going to strive to be a Daymaker, no matter what. Through this blog, through how I interact with people, through my thoughts to myself. Even my prayers. It just feels good, fulfilling, and so…me. 

Feel free to be one too. 

And pick up the book. Is a super quick read, has great quotes, and well, I just really really like this dude’s mindset. I might have to hunt him down here in the Twin Cities for a coffee some day. 

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