Five little (yet important) things I’ve

Five little (yet important) things I’ve learned about beach style.

• Wear 3 necklaces. One that’s really low, one that hits between your boobs, and one you always wear and forget you are wearing it.

• At least 3 bracelets on one hand is totally acceptable, and is even encouraged.

• Old cutoffs that are a little too big and are on the brink of being socially unacceptable, are in fact absolutely perfect.

• Chose a bikini that can easily go from beach to whatever it is you need to do, and is so comfy it doubles as underwear, in fact you wish your underwear were this comfy.

• Don’t bother doing your hair, and always get a little sandy.


Made By Dawn (Bikini) // Amy Grace (black Pearl), Kate Davis (name plate) and Maji (arrowhead) necklaces // Brooklyn Grace (Bracelets) // My favorite old and worn down cutoffs.

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