Shell + Repurposed Tee Bracelet.


I found this sweet Cowrie shell when I was on Oahu a few weeks ago (while on my endless search for a sunrise shell), and have been trying to find something cool to do with it. Well, I also just sorted all my clothes and had an old tee that I couldn’t totally part with. So, with the help of some sharp scissors and learning a new way to braid, I combined the two to make a comfy and simple little bracelet.

Here’s the how-to. Because, you know, we all have a plethora of old tees and unused shells laying around.

1. Cut off four 6"-8" long strips from an old shirt. The bigger your shell, the thicker the strips could be. Mine were a little under an inch thick.

2: “Thread” two of the strips through the middle of the cowrie shell, and pull so they are “folded” in half on one side of the shell.  If the fabric is being stubborn, use a needle to help push it through the shell opening. 

3: You now will have four strands on one end. That means it’s time to do a four stranded braid. I will not even attempt to explain how to do this, so go watch this video. she makes it so easy to understand. I mIght try it on my hair.

4: Braid until your desired length, then tie off the ends.

*I was sitting down while doing this DIY, and kept the shell in place when braiding by holding it down with my heel. 

5: Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side.

6: Cut another 4"-6" long strip of fabric. This is going to “seal the bracelet”  

7: Overlap the sides so your bracelet is in a loop. Now, wrap that strip of fabric tightly around the overlapping sides a bunch of times, then tie its ends together, and tuck them in the wrapped fabric strip. Cool.

8: Put on your wrist and pull the ends in different directions until desired tightness is achieved. You can loosen it and wear it up on your arm, or have it be tight on your wrist.

9: Yhatzee. C’est fini! 

Some easy, no sew, no need to buy anything, DIY beach bling.

That I am pretty sure you can also put in the wash.

Worn alongside my Rico Designs wrap bracelet, that I never take off. Fun combo.

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