The other day it was warm

The other day it was warm enough to wear a one piece to the beach…with jeans and an oversized hoodie.

The hoodie was even unzipped for two minutes, which, of course, I documented. 

Note: It gets cold in NW Florida. Not Minnesota cold, but still cold. Oddly enough I’m loving it. Especially since the beaches are empty. It IS amusing to me that our internet literally freezes when the temps dip below 40 degrees, so I’m wrapping this up because the temps are a’ droppin like it’s not hot al all. 

Anywho, here’s the deets: Acacia Sparta One pieceMother Almost Saint Cropped jeans + Innerlight Surf hoodie + Jemma Sands (mala), Long Lost Jewelry (shark tooth), and Pearl Love Jewelry (black pearls) necklaces. 

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