It’s hard to really get into fall style when it’s almost 100 degrees and there are record setting temps. I’m not complaining about this El Niño weather though. Actually, it gives me an excuse to have more frozen yogurt outings, wear a bikini around the house, and go to the beach or hop in the water as much as possible to cool off. 

Ok, so what’s the point of all this rambling? Well, it explains my take on fall style lately: Just throw on a breezy beach poncho, some cutoffs, and of course, a bikini. 

If the temp drops another 10 degrees I might even (gasp) add some boots. But will take ‘em off before I walk on the sand.

Yeah Fall. 

Time for some frozen yogurt. 

I be rocking an L*Space Poncho (swoon) and Bikini (love this set), One Teaspoon cutoffs (which I always wear)…and some rather happy sandy toes.

…And if you are on the lookout for a beach poncho (yes, you can wear them away from the beach, without a bikini, which I do a lot, but just never document it), here are a few more of my favorites: Aila Blue (on sale), Wildfox (also on sale), and Michael Stars (not on sale, but under $100)

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