Art Therapy

Every now and then I get an insatiable urge to paint. Ok, it’s more like an all the time urge. But until it can pay the bills, it tends to take the back seat on my to do list.

But today, I was oh so determined to paint. Maybe it was because I saw this amazing piece of art and then really wanted to try and watercolor some jeans. And I also wanted to try and make a print out of this lusciously amazing pic. Maybe it’s because painting and surfing are my two ultimate mental therapy hobbies. And I can’t surf at the moment. 

Whatever it is, I whipped up these two. And am working on a third one. But was also determined to get a blog post up today, and the sun was setting. So two it is.

I can’t explain why doing something that has nothing to do with technology (except for taking pics and sharing it) is so darn relaxing. I think it’s something you can get lost in, that’s unpredictable, is just so darn simple, and gives me an excuse to rock out to Led Zeppelin. Brush, thick paper, bright colors, water, and ink.


So, regardless of it’s economic status, I’m thinking painting needs to get a boost in the weekly to-do lineup rank. 

High five for art therapy, wet jeans, and some shells. 

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