Finally got around to doing some

Finally got around to doing some more hand lettering. And am getting my attitude back in check.

I must confess. I’ve been really negative about living in LA, and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t miss Hawaii. But that attitude doesn’t get me anywhere. In fact, it stinks.

So yeah. I really needed to slap myself on the back of my head. Hard. Which I did and am doing lately.

Wherever you are, whether it’s Hawaii, Seattle, LA, Arkansas, Tennessee, Melbourne, India, or just stuck in an office somewhere, there are blessing that are surrounding you. The more you count them and look for them, the more you appreciate where you are at that exact point in your life.

Which leads to an attitude of gratitude. Which is just soooooo much more empowering, motivating, inspiring, and fun to be around. In so many ways.

Which rocks.

Life is such a gift. And an adventure. And although it’s not humanly positive to be a ray of positive sunshine 24/7, it’s definitely worth the effort. Or at least finding stuff each day to be thankful for.

So there. That’s my slap on the back of my head to myself.

Off to enjoy the day, count my blessings whenever possible, and maybe get some ice cream or fish tacos to celebrate.

Because those are definitely blessings in my book too.

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