Let The Teepee Days Begin


It’s been a while since I busted out the beach teepee. However, 79 degree temps, with no clouds in site, and just a slight breeze were the perfect excuse. 

Plus, we really just wanted to post up and have a long beach day, and I figured Levi might, just might, take a nap in it, since it’s closed off and cool once assembled. 

After calling my mom (who took a teepee making class in college. God bless you 1970′s) I remembered how to get it up, and it was just a beautiful place to grab some shade. 

Levi even ended up eventually taking a nap in it, and I actually curled up next to him and kind of passed out. My husband took a picture of it. Pretty sure I had my mouth wide open and was drooling. (Sorry that’s not in the post. But one of my all time favorite pics of Levi is.)

The wind even picked up substantially and this sucker didn’t budge. 

So, I’m thinking this was just the first of what will be many, many, beach teepee days over the next four months. Not just because it’s so darn pretty, and gives us some relief from the sun, but because it kind of feels like we have a little mini boholicious place on the beach just for us. 

That I built. 

Sort of. 

Thank you Ginger & Gilligan for the Beach Teepee, Strange Bikinis for the suit, Hemlock Hat Co. for the hat, and Levi for the nap. 

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