Wobble Leg Challenge


Need an idea for a leg workout? Here you go. This time it’s the #wobblelegchallenge …cause I love me some legs, and love this song. 

Also, I had to give another Dan Baldwin workout a shot. Basically you do four single leg sqauts with a little hop on one side to the beat, then four on the other, then four regular low squats with a little hop…and repeat for the WHOLE song, which is a little over three minutes. You take a break by doing some backward lunges when you need to.

Note: This was my second round since Levi (who makes several appearances as well as messed with the music towards the end) stopped the previous recording after about 20 seconds…without me knowing it…until the song was over and my legs were firing. Fun times.

Give it a shot, have fun, dance awkwardly (like I tend to do throughout it), see how long you can wobble, and enjoy the leg burn. 

Song = Wobble by V.I.C Download it here

And finally, here’s the (somewhat awkward yet amusing for me to watch) video…

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