Anatomy of a good hair day


Last week, my hair was cooperating with me in an unprecedented, almost perfectly messy but still beach wavy way (pictured above). Then it happened again three days later. Then it happened again yesterday. All with minimal time and effort. Well, this is kind of a big deal in my I-rarely-look-put-together-lately world .

So, I figured I’d break down exactly what was going on. Mainly so I can share it…and also so I can have a permanent record for myself of how the heck I managed this.

Here you go.

1: Shower the night or day before, only condition your hair when you are showering, and then just let it totally air dry.

2: Next day/when you are actually doing your hair: Spray with some dry shampoo (I used this stuff), and brush your hair.

3: Using a big ol’ 1.5″ curling iron (preferably one without a clip like this) wrap one inch sections around the barrel in different directions all around your hair. Make the sections smaller around your face. Because those matter more.

4: Now, don’t touch it. At all. Nada. Just leave it like it is. All you do is lightly spray it with some non goopy hair spray.

5: Then, the final touch. Grab some pomade, or something that will make pieces of your hair stick together without getting stiff. (I’m addicted to this stuff), rub it on your fingers and lightly touch your ends and curls around your face to make your hair a little more dirty and piecey looking. 

6. Done. Somehow it just naturally falls into place, and just looks pretty damn sweet the rest of the day. 

Now go pat yourself on the back.

Or, I guess running your fingers through your hair or doing a hair flip would be more appropriate.

*Oh yeah one BIG detail: I did recently get my hair cut and colored. I’m EXTREMELY lazy in this department and am known to go 6+ months without either. I am learning that getting trims and keeping the color (ahem, balayage) fresh, like people say you should, does, in fact, make a huge difference. 

**Color by Amanda at Juan Juan Brentwood. In case anyone needs a gal in the LA area who rocks at balayage that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

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