Want to know the easiest way

Want to know the easiest way to start feeling like crap? Complaining. Want to know the easiest way to start feeling like doing the Carlton for 24 hours straight because you are so filled to the brim with joy? Find things to be thankful for. Anything: Your legs, breathing, your favorite old t-shirt, your dog, breakfast, a funny memory that makes you laugh, indoor plumbing, anything.

It has a miraculous snowball effect that results in a permanent warm fuzzy feeling that works its way from the inside out, resulting in you smiling more, glowing more, hugging more, laughing more and enjoying whatever life throws at you, more.

And the best part? It’s contagious. 

Yet another reason why I love this quote above: it gives me that slap on the back of the head, I am so thankful for everything, wake up call…that I love. 

…and needed to hear. 

And am thankful for. Along with faith, my family, my pup, the ocean, frequent flier miles, and Mexican food. 

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