Holiday Toes


Everyone has holiday traditions. Somehow one of mine is…painting my toes. In some sort of a messy, ugly sweater fashion. Go me. Last night I just miiiiiight have had a night to myself, in which I thought about watching Love Actually curled up in my favorte pj’s, but really just drank hot chocolate (on a stick, pretty cool) and painted me some ugly, but in my opinion pretty stinkin’ cute, holiday toes. 

So, grab a glass of eggnog, a buttload of polishes, and join in the fun. 

Here’s how to paint them.

Basically what I did was this:

• Google, or do a search on pinterest for “Holiday nail art

• A bunch of images will pop up. 

• Pick out 5 different styles that are, in your mind, do-able (I did holiday lights, polka dots, snowflakes, sweater stitches, and one glitter toe.)

• Now, paint one toe on each foot a different style. Be sure to mix up which toe gets what on each foot.

• Let the polish dry, chug another festive drink, then top it off with a glossy top coat to seal the deal. 

• And finally…kick up your feet and watch Love Actually, or Elf, or Christmas Vacation. 


 Julep and Zoya polish // Toesox leg warmers 

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