Beach Hair 101: The Lob

There’s no argument that long wavy hair is the go-to look for beach babes, but just barely behind the derriere skimming locks is the sporty, easy, yet fun Lob. I don’t know if I saw Blue Crush one too many times, or realized that no matter how many vitamins and miracle products I use, I will still have fine hair. Seriously. I can pull up my entire head of hair in one of those little baby hair clips meant for a 2 year old. But, I jumped on the lob train, cut off about 7" to a fun collarbone skimming length, and love it. I no longer look like a set of curtains with a face, and have hair that’s fun & fuller (looking) than ever. Which is huge.

Keys to keepin’ the lob beachy are: 1: Still have some long layers. 2: Whatever you do, don’t get a blunt cut. 3: Have some salt spray or pomeade to durrrtay it up. 4: Mimic any one of Zoe Saldana’s do’s here. 5: Pair your new ‘do with a bikini at all times.

Happy Lobbin’

Photo by Hans Feurer

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