The Lineup


It’s that time again, time for my once-a-month highlight of some beauty products that are getting a big ol’ high five from me lately. 

Get ready for the lineup. Part deux.

Products pictured above. Left to right, top to bottom:

Illume Coconut Milk Mango perfume – This might be one of the most divine fruity tropical scents imaginable. That is if wearing something that instantly whisks you away to somewhere warm, sunny with coconut trees swaying is up your alley. I carry the little rollerball version in my purse for an instant tropical vibe when needed. And get asked what I’m wearing a lot as a result. Plus, the packaging is amazing. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel – There’s a lot of products out there that claim to help with hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and acne. Well this is the ONLY one (so far) that I can 100% stand behind and say it’s really made a difference with my skin, that likes to keep me on my toes by suffering from all of the aforementioned problems mentioned above. Fun times. I do the peel twice a week. If I could afford to use them every day, like you are supposed to, I would. Dr Dennis, wherever you are, I thank you.

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing mousse – I’ve been on the hunt for a good self tanner for a while, so when the opportunity to test out this line of bronzing mousse from Australia arose, I did a happy dance. After using it, I did the Carlton. It doesn’t smell bad, doesn’t streak (especially if you use the applicator mitt, which is free with purchase using the code: goldfishkiss) doesn’t stain your clothes, dries quickly, and doesn’t have alcohol or parabens. Wahooo! I used it before my trip to Moorea and had a nice little glow going on. In a non oompa loompa way whatsoever. Good stuff. 

Chanel Rouge Allure in #93 Exalteé – Ok, I felt kind of cool getting a little wrapped up bag from the Chanel store on Rodeo Drive. But I felt even cooler wearing this perfect hot pink, without being too bright and obnoxious kind of hot pink, matte lip. It stays on a really looong time, and even smells good. It’s an instant face pick me up too. Which always comes in handy. Muwah.

Shade sunscreen – I got some of this awesomeness in a gift bag from the Mikoh show in Miami this summer, started using it the next day, and haven’t stopped since. It’s a lightweight, matte, non-greasy, doesn’t run in your eyes, free of bad chemicals and gunk, sunscreen that offers some amazing sun protection. Especially when surfing. But also for everyday. I am a HUGE fan. Thanks Mikoh. Thanks Shade. I really heart a good face sunscreen.

Benefit They’re Real! Push- Up Liner – When it comes to attempting to do winged eyeliner, I have the skills of a preschooler. Until I got this stuff. Which is a total game changer. So if you see me rocking some winged eyeliner, 1: give me a high five for, and 2: thank Benefit

10 Body Oil – If keeping your skin happily hydrated with oil is your deal, well check out 10. A line of 100% natural raw, organic and vegan body oils (think Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, Hemp Seed, and Pomegranate) that are super hydrating and great for help with stretch marks and scars. My skin loves the stuff. A little goes a long way, it smells great, adn makes my skin oh so dewey. I give it a 10.  

Brocato Shimmer Gold Spray – It’s a shine spray for your hair, with little flecks of gold in it. Which I think is really, really cool. I even spray some on my skin when I want a little shimmer. Plus, rumor has it Blake Lively loves the stuff. Which, I confess, is reason enough for me to really like a hair product. 

Amy Grace By Rare Hawaiian Body Lotion – If keeping your skin happily hydrated with lotion is your deal, well check out Amy Grace’s new line of Lotion. It’s lightweight, yet perfectly hydrating, non greasy, smells freaking fantastic, and is made of super duper high quality amazing ingredients (Rare Hawaiian Honey included.) I brought the Tripoc Bird with me too Moorea, and my skin wants to write me a thank you note. Mauruuru Amy.

And there you go. The lineup. January 2015…donezo.

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