It’s never too late to get

It’s never too late to get a New Years Resolution post, up right?

As great as new year’s resolutions can be. 95% of us are setting ourselves up of failure. I mean it would be awesome if we could all lose 10 lbs, volunteer more, start an animal shelter, go on a dream vacation, eat 100% organic, and start an etsy store. Bravo to anyone who can achieve all that. I’d love some tips. But I am all about the baby steps. Deciding to make little decisions every day that help to achieve a big goal. Yeah, choosing to drink Green Tea instead of a Big Gulp on Friday afternoons might not seem like a glamorous thing to talk about, but it’s little things like that that make a difference.

Decide to put your phone down at dinner.
Decide to choose salad with your burger instead of fries.
Decide to not hit the snooze button so much so you can go on a run before work. Or, go to bed 20 minutes earlier.
Decide to find a new hike to go on.
Decide to play fetch with your dog.
Decide to smile more. Even to people you don’t know.

Making the right little decisions each day leads to the big changes with results that last.

So I’m choosing to focus on that.

And I really need to surf more this year, so I am making sure that’s in the mix as well.

Cheers to a healthy, happy, awesome and adventurous new year.

…With a few great waves in the mix.

This is one of my weekly SWELLivin posts for It’s a pretty rad column. And yes, I am biased 🙂

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