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I’m a bit of a die hard nut when it comes to beauty products. When I say die hard, I mean that I find something new that I like, or get to review something I end up liking a lot…I am a die hard fan. Ironically, I don’t really talk about this stuff on here that much. I do every now and then. But I am going to attempt a once-a-month post that highlights some of my favorite products lately. 

I shall call it…the lineup.

So, here are a bunch of items that are currently in my beauty lineup, and why.

Left to right, top to bottom:

*I can’t guarantee everyone will have the same results I do with all of these products, because, you know, we are all different 🙂

• Malie Organics shampoo and conditioner.  I juuuuust happened to score these when I stayed at The Royal Hawaiian one night when I was back on Oahu. And I am savoring every drop. Best. Amenities. Ever. It’s good hair stuff and it smells freaking fantastic. I might have also raided the housekeeping cart for an extra set. Please don’t judge me.

• Julep Konjac Cleansing Sponge It’s a gentle face scrubber and clarifier. I don’t know exactly how it works (Apparently there is charcoal in the sponge, then it has a special consistency that exfoliates without feeling like it exfoliates. But it actually does exfoliate.) Fascinating. My annoying hormonal jawline breakouts are slowly diminishing.

Ok I’ll skip to the product you can use the sponge with…

• Julep Bareface Cleansing Oil. Yes cleansing oil. I am currently removing gunk, makeup and oil from my face with oil. (Green Coffee Bean and Rosehip oil to be exact.) And I have oily/combination skin. And my skin absolutely LOVES this stuff. Especially in the dry/smog filled LA air. This paired with the sponge to clean my face have been quite a pleasant surprise. 

• Stila Convertible Color – Peony – I’ve been using this perfectly rose-pink-beige shade of creme color you can put on your lips, cheeks and eyes for a dewey natural glow…since 9th grade. I kid you not. My mom took me to the makeup counter of “this cool new brand called Stila” way back in the day, and we bought some. Sorry for just now talking about it.

• Commodity Goods – Mimosa  – Commodity is a cool fragrance line that lets you try their 10 fragrances at home, then decide which one is your match. Mine, not at all ironically, was…Mimosa. Sorry there was no Coors Light fragrance. Ok, all kidding aside, it’s a great beach bum scent. Fruity, fresh and floral…and I am a sucker for a cool bottle with rose gold lettering sitting on my bed side table. Plus it’s just a fun way to buy perfume. They have it for guys too. And the entire line is also at Sephora. Score.

• California Naturel Balancing Complex – I rarely like skin care stuff that’s geared towards oily or problem skin. And I love this stuff. It’s like a morning pick me up and light oil hydrator for my face.  I talked about the line a little bit more in this post aqui

• Argentum – La Potion Infinie – This miracle creme comes in a rad black ceramic pot, can’t be stored near anything magnetic, and is getting rave reviews in all the hot magazine. Well, I really like trying miracle creams that all the hot magazines are raving about. So, here is my turn to rave. It’s “an all encompassing treatment of wrinkles, facial blemishes and oxidative stress” that makes me want to give the people who formulated this an all encompassing bear hug. Yes it’s expensive, but it lasts a long time. I’ve been using my jar for 2 months straight as my go-to eye cream and night creme, and have only used about a third of it. My skin is looking rather luminous. Which is an adjective I love to be able to use for my skin. Also available aqui.

• Frank Body scrubI’ve been using this 2-3 x a week for the past 7 months or so. Frank and I are shower pals. Frank does my skin lots and lots of good. I am addicted to Frank. In any flavor.

• Sapphire& SPF 30 in Mango Mint – I used this sunscreen my entire trip back to Oahu…and was making everyone smell it or try it for themselves. I am fascinated and in love with this sunscreen. It’s all natural, water resistant, a super hydrating liquid texture, and is not chalky or drying like some all natural sunscreens I’ve tried. I wish I could dish out free samples to everyone to get you all hooked too. Can you tell I am excited about a great sunscreen? WELL I AM! Their tanning silk is also a great after sun moisturizer and hair oil, which I found out by accident. Because I forgot to pack an after sun moisturizer and hair oil. 

• NYX – Liquid Illuminator – If you don’t want to shell out $45 bucks for my go-to NARS Orgasm illuminator, I stumbled on this stuff at Target, and it’s almost just as good. And is only seven bucks. Cha ching!

• Tonic Luster Leave-In Hair Treatment – (Not pictured Because TSA confiscated it when I forgot it was in my carry on, because I bring it with me everywhere.) – It smells amazing, and makes my salty rat’s nest mop post surf beach hair somehow shiny and detangled. And can also be used as a skin moisturizer. Seriously sweet stuff.

The lineup: November, 2014…Done. 

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