Hiya Papaya


I love papaya. A lot. It’s literally one of my favorite things on the planet to eat. In fact, papaya + cottage cheese + lime juice = one of my all time favorite meals.

So, I figured why not pay homage to my beloved fruit, and bring my love for Papayas…to my toes.

This print inspired these nails, and makes me want to do a happy dance, (Seriously if this existed as wallpaper my office would be covered in it. If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know so I can give them a virtual bear hug.)

So here’s how. It’s painfully simple, you just need the right colors.

Papaya Toes (or accent nail). Both pictured above.

• Paint toes with base coat, then opaque white polish.

• Using a nail art brush or toothpick, paint a bunch of alternating oblong blobs (aka the shape of a papaya that’s been cut in half) on your toes. 

• Now, using the tip of a nail art brush and some black polish, paint a bunch of little black dots in the middle of each blog. Taa daa, papaya seeds.

• Add a few polka dots with a color of choice in the empty space if you want. (Dip a ball point pen in a blob of polish then dot your toe. easy peasy.) 

•Let dry then apply topcoat.

Donezo. Now all you need to do it wear sandals or any kind of open toed shoes to your next farmers market outing…and stock up on some real papayas. 


Polish: White + Papaya + beige

Cozy Stuff:  Leg warmers + throw

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