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Oh beauty products. I love them. I love testing ‘em out and how certain ones help me not look like Gollum or feel a handbag. There’s just so much stuff out there, it’s mind blowing at times. So let me shine some light on a few things that are totally floating my boat lately…

Note: All of these products were gifted to me, except for the brush. That sucker was worth every cent of my Amazon impulse buy though.  

Second note: If you make it to the end of the post, there’s a giveaway. I thoroughly enjoy the sharing aspect of all of this. 

•  Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables – This a line of high pigment water-resistant makeup. I tested it numerous times at the beach and found it to be, in fact, pretty much waterproof. Fascinating stuff. I even took a few pics and videos while taking a dip, and it was weird because I’ve never seen myself with makeup on while being totally drenched in the water. Especially foundation. The matte liquid lip stick shade = montauk.  And the mascara top coat is genius. It’s a clear coat you put on any type of mascara that creates a waterproof seal.  

• Corpus Naturals Deodorant. This is a new line of completely naturally derived vegan deodorant made without synthetic fragrance. I didn’t know all natural deodorant could be this cool. Or smell this great. The soft launch sold out. Wait list. Do it. 

A few cleansers I’ve been trying and need loving…

• Live Ultimate Ultimate Facial Cleanser – A gentle exfoliating cleanser (Using ultra fine bamboo silicates) that’s stuffed full of skin-brightening antioxidants, and some soothing stuff, like aloe. 


• Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser – Rub a pump or two of this thick oil on your dry skin, then add a little water and turns to foam. Yum.  

But I still get breakouts…

• Derma-E Tea Tree an Vitamin E Oil…Is all I use on them. It’s helped me a ton with chin hormone breakouts and big honkers I get on my forehead. 75% tea Tree 25% Vitamin E. 100% fan.

A few more skin things…

• Leef Organics Wild Crafted CBD Skin Oil + Nooks and Crannies Soap. I was given some of the skin oil in Miami for swim week, and something about it has worked wonders on my skin ever since. The scent might remind me of visiting my siblings at CU Boulder, but that goes away after a few seconds. The soap = super hydrating and you can feel the oils in it too. Bonus points for plantable packaging.  

• Skinescens Rejuvenating Facial Powder – I swear this stuff melts away my dead skin. Which is saying a lot. Plus you can also leave it on as a maks. All of the Skinescens products are worth investigating, really. But this was my favorite. Now, I’d like to go to South Africa to thank them in person.   

• kai Body Buffers – THEY’RE BACK. The sponge is now hypoallergenic, preloaded with kai goodness, and are one of my favorite ways to exfoliate my bod regularly…and save shower space. Soak that sucker, scrub a dub. Smell fantastic. Repeat.

• The Wet Brush Pro – This is the best brush I’ve ever owned, and will probably be the only kind of brush I will use from now on. I didn’t know I could like a brush this much. ( Sorry there’s lint in it, Levi like to brush his own hair and leaves this thing all over the house)

• IT Cosmetics Your Skin but better CC Creme – Oil Free Matte Version – My go • to/use every darn day CC Creme now comes in a Matte Oil-free version. It also is somewhat sweat and water resistant and gives a more matte/poreless finish. I don’t know how IT does it with this stuff. I need to write them a love letter.

…and last but certainly not least. Since good skin and feeling great comes from within….

• Live Ultimate The Ultimate Elixir – I love having a daily green supplement, and always feel better/notice a difference when I am chugging some greens regularly. And well, this stuff pretty much has ever super food or buzzword in the health department ground up into its powder. Good Stuff.

• I slipped some Aveda Dry Shampoo in there at the bottom. Hair trick: Spray it on the ends of your hair after doing beach waves. It gives it that salty feeling and look. 

There you go. Zee Lineup is done.

Cheers to health, and the mini Sephora in our bathroom.

****And here’s the GIVEAWAY. In an effort to share the love (aka free products I get to test out and share), and help our bathroom look less like a mini Sephora, I’m giving away a box full of beauty products for you to try (unused, promise). To enter: Just let me know if there’s any product you swear by/has been a game changer for you. Leave a comment below. Winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week. **CONGRATS TO THE WINNER HILLARY W. And thank you all for your entries and product recommendations. I will DEFINITELY be trying a bunch of them out. Thanks. Thus stuff is fun. 

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