25 Random Thoughts


I love writing on here, but I kind of have no clue what to write about at the moment, so pardon me while I revert to a fun l’il writing exercise. You just write down 25 random thoughts. That’s it. The more unfiltered and random, the better. It’s great for journaling, warming up before writing, venting, or in my case…blogging. I highly recommend doing it, especially when your mind is all over the place.

…and I promise this won’t be a novel.

• I could read Thoughts From a Dog tweets until my eyeballs fall out (@dog_feelings)

• I went to the dermatologist last week and ever since then am looking at my skin differently. It’s damaged, and I guess that’s what happens after 37 years of fresh air and sun. Even though I take great care of it. So, any high school or college aged folks reading this WEAR SUNSCREEN RELIGIOUSLY. I always have but was really dumb at times in High School and College. It’ll sneak up on you.

• Painting is my form of meditation. I am just now realizing this. Which gives me yet another reason to do it more often (Or give someone out there a reason to start. Do it!)

• I love to make Levi try to say big five or six syllable words. I really need to record him doing it. Especially humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa …yes I know that’s a lot more than six syllables.

• I could make all of these thoughts about Levi and motherhood – but here’s one. I think it’s a constant battle between telling yourself you’re doing a good job as a mom, then feeling like you are falling short/clueless/losing my mind. On days I feel like I’m falling short, I tell myself, “at least he knows to still go to the beach when it rains.”

• Speaking of which, we went down to the beach today in the rain. Watching Levi run around the (totally empty) parking lot while wholeheartedly splashing in puddles is one of the more glorious and joyful sights I’ve seen.

• I’m listening to our leaky faucet drip into our bathroom tub…and it’s ridiculous how distracting it is.

• I know I need to sleep, I hate the side effects of not getting enough sleep…but I can’t find a solution to be able to get enough sleep. Yay!

• So yeah, sleep. Our dog’s butt is officially my pillow. Kili is a 70lb Rottie mix, and takes up half the bed (my half). So, when I actually do get to sleep, I have about 6 inches of bed real estate and a dog butt to cuddle up with. Somehow I pass out and sleep like a baby.

• I love coffee. I’m already dreaming about my mug that will greet me in the morning.

• I really like that biker shorts have made a comeback. 

• All I want in a home (if we ever buy one), is it to be really open, and have lots of windows and natural light. That’s it. Everything else can be negotiated.

• Living on a ranch in Montana is sounding heavenly right now. Yes, I know that’s super far from a beach, and yes I watched every single second of Yellowstone and LOVED it.

• Current cd in the car = Aretha Franklins’ greatest hits. I sing The Weight at the top of my lungs and Levi laughs at me. He says he likes to listen to “Franklin”. He knows a legend when he hears one. (Aretha, not me.)

• Levi’s hair is insane. It baffles me why so many people think I should cut it. It even has these amazing natural highlights from summer. But, it’s also getting blonder all over. Crying on the inside about that one…

• If someone asked me what my favorite movie is right now…I’d say, Forrest Gump. 

• There are lots of things that make me want to punch a hole in the wall (almost all is Work/Mamahood related or self-induced), I think it might be time to find a boxing gym. Or just invest in a bag and some gloves. I can’t ever make it to workout classes on time. Even yoga. 

• I really need to do more yoga 

• Currently debating if anyone even reads this blog besides my mom (Ok, I know other people do, and it’s hard to comment on here, but I’m just having that internal self doubt battle.)

• But, when I went to McDonalds the other day, the gal working the drive through told me how much she loved my paintings and blog, and I smiled for the next hour. That’s what it’s all about folks. ( P.S. I love McDonald’s cappuccinos.)

• God is good. So good. He’ll arrange stuff like that just when you need it.

• It felt so good to surf a few days ago. So. Damn. Good. Thanks God for the waves.

• My husband actually is letting his hair grow out. (Hallelujah!) It’s thick and wavy (Levi definitely got the hair from him.) He just looks so freakishly handsome lately. More proof men get better looking as we age. Thankfully Women turn into bigger badasses with more magnetic personalities each year, so it all works out.

• It’a been almost 6 months since my last hair appointment. What to do next…hmmmmm…

• Parks are awkward, Dog parks are awkward, yet National parks absolutely rock my world. 

…et voila.


If you’re still reading this, I sincerely thank you. 

Feels good to write. I highly recommend it.

Pictured above: One of the dozens of Levi and me pics I have in my “Favorite Pics” Vault. The mini man bun and aloha shirt get me.

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