I’m going to do my best

I’m going to do my best to document little wins in my attempt to actually get settled into our new rental. So, here is our master bedroom. Well, one wall of it…that I love.

I somewhat successfully reinstalled my beloved wall mural. However, it looks a bit more like a wall tapestry after being folded up in a box for eight months. Attempting to get all the creases and bubbles out while reattaching this thing made me almost punch a hole in this wall. But I doidn’t wnat to lose any money fro mour security deposit. 

It’s not perfect, but I still love it. 

Then. I bought this pillow case from Kawaiian Lion back when we moved to Minneapolis, loved it at first sight, and finally found a pillow to go in it. Yes, eight months later. Winning.

I also think random outfits you come up with while unpacking are always amusing, so I’ll include that too.

Bedroom wall deets:

 Mother Denim Gym Pants // A really old beat up and tied up soft tee //  Custom made mural by eazywalls.com that’s of a photo I took YOU CAN NOW BUY THE MURAL HERE // Kawaiian Lion pillow // Parachute bedding 

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