Bespoke Surf Leggings

If I were to take advice from someone about quality sun protection, that would be Danielle Clayton. She happens to help run/guide a surf charter on the Maldives, and is in the sun surfing each day as much as we all are at our desks. I know, I’m jealous too. But endless hours in the water can take it’s toll, especially in the midday sun…in the Maldives. Danielle, I’m not giving you any sympathy, but you get lots and lots of credibility, which is why, I really, I mean really, love the concept of Bespoke surf leggings, the brain child of Miss Danny herself.

Surf leggings, which I’m seeing pop up more and more, keep your legs protected from the sun, and also keep your bum hidden. It’s almost like the tighter, longer evolution of a board short…and I’m intrigued. Yes, this might sound weird coming for a gal who likes to have her buns in the sun, but I don’t want to end up like Magda.

Here are the deets:
•  Handmade in Bali under prices set by the lovely lady who makes them.
•  Lycra purchased in Bali
•  $75 USD or 2 for $130 USD – including worldwide shipping
•  As an added perk, you get the chance to customize your own pair. (Venture on over to the swatch gallery on facebook to begin dreaming up your pair)
•  They are so cute I’ll bet you’ll want to wear them out of the water too. Insert Yoga class location here___

So let us all say sayonara to crispy bacon calves, and say aloha to some surf leggings.

Email to order, or if you have any questions.

Note: Delivery  for legging orders is for October/November as Danielle still on the boat for another couple of weeks… Lucky gal.

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